lm4562 is cool!

i completed lm4562 preamp this weekend.i love it.

the attached is a photo of the real unit.i will post my pcb layout and sch file in a couple of days.


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2007-03-27 12:40 pm
Hi Zang,

I love it, too.

I replaced the opamps (OPA2134) in my KR Audio Preamp with LM4562. It was an very audible improvement.

The "secret" for the use of LM4562 in a preamp is the following structure: input - 1st gain stage - pot - 2nd gain stage - output

The single use like pot + gain stage or buffer isn't satisfying (to my ears).
because i want the preamp driving lowZ headphones.this capability is very useful at live playing.
example:when i play my yamaha keyboard,i want monitoring the playback via a headphone.and the line out can work together.
as the datasheet shown,the lm4562 chip can drive complex loads,but it is no good for lowZ loading.so i do a circuit bending.

i have try a film cap direct across V+ to V- on some solid amp that is good.i will try it on this preamp later,thank you!