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LM3886 PA100 100W Chip Amps Assembled! w/heatsink, Tested & Ready To Go! L00K :)

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I am, as much as it tugs at my heartstrings, breaking down the 7 channel car amplifier I built and selling the individual lightly used National Semiconductor LM3886 chip amplifier modules. I built it originally as an original solution for the 5.1 surround sound from my Alpine 5.1 decoder/DSP in my car.

Each one is a single-channel 100W paralleled dual-chip amplifier, with a compact size, based on the National Semiconductor PA100 design example. I designed the PCBs and assembled & tested the amplifiers myself. Of course, I ran them in my car, in between using my other amplifiers.

Each has a sufficient aluminum heatsink (isolated electrically) attached and already have mounting brackets for being attached to a flat surface.

Each amplifier feature 0.1% Dale resistors for the audio feedback & gain paths, and 1% 0.1 Ohm parallel resistors on the output.

I have a total of 7 for sale.

Each features a 10K adjustable potentiometer on the input, Molex .062" connector for the audio in connection, and Molex .093" 2 & 3 conductor connectors for the +V, -V, and ground connections, along with the speaker + & - connections.

They sound really good, and have never been abused. I designed them and ran them based not on the need to run them at 100W, but that my maximum need might be in extreme cases, 70W. In reality my listening habits would keep them below half of that.

If you need the Molex connectors removed, other small things like that done, I don't mind.

Of course I'll supply the schematics if you like. One image of the schematics is attached below.

These were originally power by my inverting power supplies and ran off of +/-32V DC, from my +12V inverting SMP supplies.

Let me know what we can do! My amp was HUGE and VERY HEAVY, looking to get rid of a lot of the projects I've collected over time.

I have an excellent eBay feedback rating [micro_engineer (703)] and will ship responsibly and promptly.

I guess my asking price is about $25 each. It will be very hard to beat that price for the sum of the price of all items, including the heatsink. (Also includes necessary mounting hardware)









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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.