LM3886 in biamping?

Hello people,

I made a pair of TQWP few months ago with some junk full range car speakers and now I want to change them with something better from PAudio. Now the problem is that the passive filters will cost me more than if I biamp with LM3886 and I already have made one amp with these chips (which sounds very good, by the way). Should I biamp or should I go with passive filters? Which variant is better?
I just built this last week, using 4 gainclones to drive a pair of 2-way speakers. Directly to the woofer, and 22uF to tweeter for protection only -- so no passive component.

I tell you the amount of time I did on enhancing my passive crossover before was a TOTAL WASTE of money and time :D

The cost to build P09 was $50 using 'permanent bread board' and additional $50 for additional pair of gainclones really blew me away. I use cheap TL072 as suggested and it does not degrade the sound whatsoever.