lm3886 circuit and pcb

The PCB looks good, though the trace to pin 5 might need to be a bit bigger. Try making the pads for the NC pins a little bit smaller, and that should free up a little room.

Looks good though! :)

Edit: is that resistor on the output .1 ohms? I can't tell if it's 1 or .1, and 1 is a little to high, in my opinion. A .22 or .1 ohm resistor would probably be better.


2004-11-14 7:39 pm
isn't it so that pin one and 5 are internaly connected. so that if the trace to pin one is big the trace to pin 5 can be smaller.

the resitor in the output is a 10 ohm resistor with a coil soldert parralel on top of it. It supose to help keep the amp from osccilating.