LM3886 chip amp help

Hello, I've built a amp using the following schematic and i want to know if the optional Ci capacitor must be a "non polar" capacitor. And also i get a hum when no source is connected and it goes away when the source (preamp) is connected and switched, i dont use the Rin. I would also like to know if i can use a input DC blocking cap, if i can what value should i use.

Thankyou for all your answers.


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Ci, in the Negative FeedBack loop, can be a film type or electrolytic.
The electrolytic is supposedly better if of the non-polar but I have not heard a difference here.
The schematic shows DC coupling on the non-inverting input and AC coupling on the inverting input.

I always recommend that both inputs have the same AC or DC coupling.

The High Pass Filter formed by these DC blocking caps must be low enough to pass your audio signal.
I recommend about 2Hz for the input cap, 1.4Hz for the NFB cap and 1Hz for the PSU caps. This leaves the input LPF and HPF as the band limiting filters for the amplifier.

Add a LPF to the input.
Mine is also on strip board, but I don't have hum at all, I used shielded cables for signal and they don't intersect any other cables. I'm using RCA connectors for inputs and star grounding. On my system the 100k resistor is placed on the connector, before R1 along with 100pF in parallel to avoid RF interferences.