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LM3886 and audio sector LM3875 built ready to use and also PCB

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Hi i have these all for sale together $115 shipped.

the two blue boards are original audio sector LM3875 gainclones. they are 100% no modification no problems, no issues, no imperfections. I bought them in a working audio sector gainclone amp but after a year i was doing a DIY project and i wanted the box and the heatsink so i removed them. they are completely as audio sector sols them no component has been replaced and they have never malfunctioned. they were my main amp for a year and they are flawless

the two red amp boards are built by me from original chipamp.com kits that I bought here. they are 100% completed kit no component has been modified or swapped . i built them, i tested them and they are perfect

the bigger red board in a complete Chinese 2 channel lm3886 amplifier pcb. every component is clearly specified and the circuit is tried and true. i have built two of these before and they are excellent. the circuit is more sophisticated than the run of the mill XY boards and it has the power supply on the same board so it is perfect for a built that the space is at a premium.
you can put this in a tiny box and have world class sound.

the 3 blue PCBs are kinda iffy. they were sold by a US seller. they are 2oz heavy gold plated fancy pcb and they have the schematic for both the inverting and the non inverting on one PCB. but you really have to know what u r doing. i couldnt figure it out. it cam with instructions that i have but i couldnt iunderstand them as in i wasnty sure what value goes where. it is because it has so many options to build differently. you cvan leave half of the pcb empty and still have a full amp like the audio sector.

i only sell as apacjage as the trip to post office is not worth it to me for less.





  • you get two audio sector LM3875 amps completed and ready to use and 100% perfect working.
  • you get two chipamp.com LM3886 amps completed and ready to use and %100 perfect owrking
  • you get one stereo chinese PCB only LM3886
  • you get three mono LM3886 PCBs that i guarantee in no way.
shipped and paypalled $115
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.