lm3875 questions

The datasheet say that there will be no power on/off transients or DC spikes. Can I trust this? eg if I use the chip to power an expensive tweeter in an active system?

One of the graphs on page 10 shows power of up to 75W into 8ohms with 40V supply. Tthe same THD+N spec as used in the performance section which is based on 35Vsupply and gives 56W.

So what is this region of greater than 35V supply? Is it not recommended, just for the brave ?
I can understand your aprehension about connecting up a tweeter (or woofer for that matter) directly to an amp. I always used speaker protection with my active speakers.

I can only report from my (long ) experiences with the LM3875 chip amps that there is NO noise whatsoever when powering up and only the very feintest of pops a few seconds after powering off.

Of course, if you use a pre-amp or buffer (or active crossovers!), they must be powered up a few seconds (longer in the case of a valve buffer) before powering up the LM3875. ;)