LM3875 amp finished!! Photo's

I recently finished my LM3875 gainclone project. I designed my own PCB and build an alu case from scratch. It is now playing perfectly, no hum or noise and no "pops" when turning on and off.

The amp has an external power supply, as can be seen at the photo's.

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mur 860

Are those rectifiers fast-recovery type???

Yes they are, as you can read on my website: MUR860.

from datasheet:
DIODE, ULTRA FAST 8A 600V; Voltage, Vrrm:600V; Current, If av:8A; Current, Ifs max:100A; Time, trr max:50ns; Voltage, forward at If:1.5V; Case style:TO-220AC; Current, forward If:8A; Diode type:Fast Recovery; Pins, numbe