LM350 max. output voltage

Hello, please excuse my ignorance, but looking at the data sheet, it appears the maximum regulated output voltage is 33V, but I need 35V @ 3A.


It also says the the unit may be used with higher voltages as long as the max. differential is not exceeded, which is 35V.

My use is for a SS power amplifier section that I wish to regulate to compensate for variable mains voltages: 105-125. With this range, I calculate that 45VDC would need to be present when the AC is at 125. As it would drop to 37.5VDC when the AC is at 105. So the max. differential is 10v which will allow the full 3A load current, and be well withing min. dropout voltage.

So the question is if the resistors are set for 35V out, will it work?

I'm confused.....
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yes, so long as you do not short the output.

if you want to protect it against shorts at the input, you need a diode across the reg
if you want to protect it against shorts at the output & input, you need a zener across the reg

Thanks. I found the following for much higher voltages. It seems rather elaborate, for what appears, as Maida says here, to protect from shorts.


The heavy use of zeners is noted.