LM1875T TO220 -LF02, -LB03 et cetera which one to buy

There are 6 different LM1875T listed on Mouser including in stock: LF05,LB05,LF02,LB02,LB03. Please help me find the meaning of these suffixes.
The LF05 has .005% less THD than the others. They vary in price. These factors don't matter for this order.

I soldered a strip board with LF02. It worked well with single 19vdc supply. Now I working on a tidy version.
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The meaning of the terms is in the datasheet.

Screenshot 2023-07-07 195333.png
(The meaning of the terms is in the datasheet.)
Thanks, I did not read far enough to see the packaging addendum.

So if the chip is laid on it's back:
  • NDH .. the bent pins are pointing up
  • NEB .. the bent pins are pointing down

Mouser sometimes shows the pins not bent but you can't buy them that way.

That is the main thing I was looking for.

However, I could not find the LF and LB suffixes on the TI terminology page. I wonder what is the package with no suffix.
Took another look at LM1875T packaging info and the mouser part images.
  • /LBxx are designated life-time buy. They are not-Green and cost more than the /LFxx
  • /LFxx (not sure what "xFxx") stands for. They are Green.
  • /xx03 and is the popular NDH package. They are on order.
  • /xx02 I think it is for flat mounting on a PCB. Maybe on a heat spreader
  • /xx05 sames as /xx02 but costs 10 cents more.
  • mouser shows the /xx03 image correctly but shows the /xx02-05 as "other?"

I wanted the /LF03 (NDH) but ordered /LB03 which costs $1 more.