LM1084 negative equivalent


2009-02-22 5:31 am
Hi everybody :)
I am getting aquinted with the LM1084 adjustable linear regulator for a project at work.
Seems to be a good part that can probably be usefull in audio work, but for that I have to study/experiment with it a bit more.
Now the question: is there an equivalent negative version of this regulator? A bit like the ubiquitous LM317/LM337 combo?
The 5amps rating is quite interesting!
Thanks, Luc

You can use the LM1084 as a negative voltage regulator, just put it in the return current path instead of the forward current path!!

Figure 25 shows how this done,

I did that with LT1083, one for positive, one for neg. Because my trafo not dual secondary (30V - CT - 30V), i cut center tap wire from my Trafo, so my trafo become dual secondary.