LL 2770 works incredibly well with TU-8600

Thank you Mr. Per Lundahl and Mr. Fujita for the wonderful designs of LL2770 and TU-8600 respectively.
Also Mr Fujita needs to modify the rack to accommodate the heavy duty LL2770.
LL 2770 works incredibly well with TU-8600... How well you need to.....

I only have 50 pcs of TU-8600 to accommodate LL2770

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LL2770 is different from LL2760 in design.
Please do your calculation..
It is a EUR price+ shipping Also NO PCB board, HV connector (45 minutes to make 2 pairs) plus all hardware .
The shipping is expensive too..
Please check your calculation...
Yours probably uses that new math everybody's talking about.
146,30 € to 180.32usd $40.00 shipping
No you're right. Boy I'm glad your not the only with the Internet