Living the Dream

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Hey everybody, I just want to say a big Thank You to the folks who maintain this website, and everyone who contributes their expertise so that others can learn.

I got into hi-end audio back in college, and I've always been interested in seeing how things work, but it was 2006 I think when I found and joined this site. I got into my first house around the same time, and I started gathering tools and building speakers.

I was working in IT at the time, with an undergraduate degree in physics. It was good for a while, but I was having trouble mustering the enthusiasm to really advance my career. Then around 2011 an audio friend (met here!) forwarded me a job posting for an Acoustic Engineering Technician position in town. What the heck, I threw a resume that direction, and landed the job! It was super super sweet. My boss would say things like "We're getting super slammed this month. We've got to build a lot of speakers." And it was all I could do not to giggle maniacally. That was at Imation, working on "TDK Life On Record", "Memorex", and "Xtreme Mac" products. Check Amazon for TDK A33 and A73 products, I worked on them! And they sound pretty nice.

But the job only lasted a year. We made some good products, but Imation wasn't turning a profit, so they're getting out of audio. I had hoped to get at least a few years of experience under my belt there, to help land the next job. But as it turns out, one of my co-workers was able to help. He had left Imation for Beats by Dre. When I reached out for help finding work he helped me land something there. Beats maybe doesn't have the most shining of audiophile credentials... but they're picking up a lot of engineering staff and have their eye on turning that around. I've been on staff for a couple of weeks now, and except for the part about moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, it's been pretty rad. I've managed to move from "technician" to "associate engineer".

So I'm livin the dream! I work all day on my favorite hobby! It's completely awesome!

Thank you, internet!

faux pas -- On the one hand, I think most people at work are expected to rock the company headphones. On the other hand, acoustics folks are expected to be watching the whole market, not just Beats products. There's plenty of "competitive product" around. But it doesn't really matter -- the listening I do at work is mostly work related. I did get a chance to check out some Sennheiser HD800's tho!

LA -- I'm sure LA will turn out to be fine, eventually. But the actual act of moving is a hassle. When it comes to finding anything, I'm looking for cheap but spacious housing in a nice neighborhood, with good schooling, and not too bad of a commute...
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.