Little help building Class D amplifier


2014-11-12 11:34 pm
Hi everyone. I want to build a TPA3116 kit and include a couple bells and whistles that are a different voltage. I need help with that.

Here is the kit, which requires a 6-24 VDC power supply. I have one that's 19.5 DC:

Here is what I would like to add to it:

Note, that I could probably just use a 15 volt DC power supply and slice that power to this. That might be what I do, but I'd get a little more wattage on the output if I use a step-down from 19.5 VDC to 10-15VDC. Also, I hear that amp runs best around 20 volts.

1) So, could I just split the leads from that power supply, where it connects to the power input on the amp, and run it to a suitable step-down board, then run that to the in on the VU meters?

2) If the answer to question 1 is yes, what step down should I use. I found everything from $2-30USD. I prefer to get a kit I can build, but I'd take a simpler route if sound would be all the better for it.

Here are a few things I found. I don't know if noise is a concern, so I'd be inclined to get something audio grade, if necessary. Additionally, I might run a 15 VDC preamp in the same fashion (That's OK if my original PS amps are fine, right?) so I want the noise to not be a factor.

Another thing I'm not sure about is if I need 15VDC+- or just +.

Items here:


Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


2010-03-23 9:37 am
The VU meter add is rather confusing. First of all it pictures 2 different boards. First board (green) has a a 12VDC mark and it's rated 10-15DC input.
Second board (blue) is marked 9VAC input.

Contact the seller to clear this out before you make any plans!

If it's the green one (12VDC input) then a converted pc power supply from an old pc is perfect. Plenty of 12VCD outputs to choose from! Usually for free!!!
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2010-03-23 9:37 am
I'm woking on a similar project. I'll try to incorporate under the same roof:
a TPA3110 amp
a DVD-ROM drive (already installed an extra button for "play")
a FM MP3 module
powered by a PC Power Supply (12V the amp, 12V and 5V the DVDROM and 5V the fm module.

All these in a salvaged Pioneer CDR case.