Little dot MK2 coupling caps

Hi All,
I fancy a dig around in my little dot MK2 headphone amp. I'm pretty new to this but think the obvious place to start a bit of modding may be the coupling caps.
According this schematic I found, it seems to be a 220ufd bypassed by a 0.68ufd - both electrolytics.
What type of caps would be suitable as a replacement do you think? Space is at a premium in there so massive Russian cans aren't an option.

Thanks in advance


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Red Brown

2022-05-10 3:14 am

Another thing you could try is replacing the 220uf cap with a bipolar. That should reduce what little distortion there is. Going with a larger value and larger voltage rating should help a little as well. If the change is enough to hear is a real question.
Hi, I'm a little confused by the schematic. I thought the coupling caps are the .22uf between the tube stages? The large electrolytics are just before the output to the jack and are bypassed by the .68ufs. Can you help me understand this?
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