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Has any one here tryed to ajust the purity of oxygen within there listening room enviroment to get a better 'sound' ?
Maybe better highs?

Or what about changing/introducing other gases, nitrogen? carbon dioxide? propane? laughing gas? what about smoke?

This could be a new area of experimentation for you guys.

Also any success on balancing ones house on cones? i wanna try this to isolate my equipment from earths day-to-day tremors, they upset my amps tonal balance.
But [i think Samuel Jayaraj told me to...] "remember that music is an "electro-mechanical shock wave" and not merely an electrical signal".

So, why not?

It is also well known that the permittivity of free space could affect electronic equipment so perhaps this could be changed or it will indeed affect stray capacitance.
hey, there is no need to be rude.

I have tryed some of the above today, and i think that this is a new area of discovery.

Maybe, if you cannot hear any diffrence, your hearing needs to be checked, or perhaps [to quote GRollins, even though i do not agree with the term..]"your system isn't of sufficient resolution to let you hear a difference".
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Saw a pix cant remember where of a guy that used a motocycle head to build an amp and it was nicely done. Wonder what it would sound like in an rc head spinning upside down 200 ft up at 90 mph in a cloud of hyd. at 1005 ppm with a mod....................:) Yeah I like to have fun :)
trouble is, it might be a bit hotter nearer the sun than thus have resistors out of tol. also that supa dupa audio cable might not pass electrons as freely at higher temps.

Actually as u were saying 'i wanda what amps sound in space' i though that the pics etc beamed from space walks had a awesome atmosphere, lower freqs was tight and punchy but treble and midband had a lovely openess
while we a talkin' about sillys, is it possible to get a teflon type spray to put on PC boards when finished, for the ultimate sound. I know about normal laquours but i thought a teflon one, or a 'audiophile' one would be better.
cos there was this guy talking about the fibreglass PCB becomeing slightly conductive, maybe it was valve equipment and the board was slightly damp.
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