LIRPA turntable becomes real? 50 years later

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Can’t find the orignal Stereo Review April cover but it looks like someone actually made a LIRPA-style record player.


Skimmed thru the April issue but didn't see anything related to this.

The article about "The Move" did catch my eye thou.

Thanks for that. Brought back memories of going to the newsstand to read the record reviews in STEREO REVIEW.

Can you believe the number of pages devoted to music! Those were the days.

Lester Bangs writing about the Beach Boys HOLLAND - the article and review of The Move - always more of a Roy Wood fan than Jeff Lynne - not to mention one of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Bev Bevan.

I feel sure I would have ignored the Roxy Music record after that ridiculous review. Ends up being one of my favorite records a year later. Had not recalled the review at all until reading this.

My guiding light of my second decade in Music - Steve Simels. The man who brought Big Star to my attention!

You can make fun of Julian Hirsch all you want - the magazine was a music magazine and that is missed. Nothing like it today. STEREOPHILE would be greatly improved with more space for music and not the component of the month. The reviewers do bring up lots of good records within the reviews to be fair.
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