Liquids for lenses, IR and Abbe numbers

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Does anyone know of a table of the index of refraction and (also important) the Abbe number or dispersion of commonly available liquids that could be used for lenses?

There is a nice paper that gives the values for water and mineral oil and a simple method of measuring the values that can be found at

However, I've not been able to google up a table of commonly available liquids with their indexes of refraction and dispersions.

(Of course if one wants to spend real money, sells real optical liquids custom made to almost any reasonable (and some unreasonable) indexes of refraction and dispersions.:D )

In order to remove chromatic abberations, I am looking for something with an Abbe number much greater or less than that of common items such as water or mineral oil.
Well after much googling, I found the a link to preview Martin Weber's Handbook of Optical Materials on

From the preview pages and previous research, I realized that a possible pairing for an achromatic prism pair would be glycerine and mineral oil. They have similar values for their index of refraction but different Abbe numbers. (Actually, glycerine and benzene would be great from the optics standpoint. However, given the toxicity of benzene and its flammability, that thought didn't last long.:eek: )

I've managed to work up a design for an achromatic VC prism pair (actually 2 dual chamber prisms), but am not yet completely satisfied with the raytrace. However, I've had no luck with a HE prism pair. I run into problems with total internal reflections and the inability to get good performance on both sides of the center. But then again, I have barely scratched the surface.

Note that water and glycerine have the same abbe number so they will not work together to create an achromat.

There are several designs that use only two prisms but of different materials (oil and water). However, I have not been able to verify the advantage of such a design. The original design links I have seen referenced seem to be broken. Any thoughts would be apprecieated.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.