Linux Philosophy, Open Source Amp Wiki

Well, I'm a fan of Linux. Of geeks, for geeks, and by geeks, so help me god. And wikipedia. The idea that everyone can contribute their special little bit to make the whole that much better.

What does this have to do with DIY amps?


I love the collaboration of this site. The combination of probably thousands of years of expertise. The insight, creativity, and potential.

Perhaps as a team of human beings we can create some design goals, then argue with each other until we're blue in the face over how to go about creating the "perfect" amp which fulfills these goals, posting schematics, parts lists, and sources for these parts so any of us can build something that is the culmination of all this know-how. Like the Linux operating system, it would evolve organically, eventually reaching the asymptotic limit of practicality, buildability, possibility, and perfection.

Naturally, for one design we could choose something cheap and easy, then something like a class-A with top-notch sound in mind, then a powerhouse monoblock, then a multichannel symphony. Just a few ideas...

We'd continually revise and refine the design until we more-or-less agree that the goals have been satisfied. And then etch it in stone (or fiberglass and copper, as the case may be)

I know this is what is done on this site, perhaps with a little less rigueur and a little more chaos, but what I'm seeking are some organized and goal-oriented trophies that would rival anything out there in the commercial market.

I bet we can do it.

Sound like a good idea? Any takers?