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Linn Sondek LP 12 x 2 early unmodified

Pair of early LP12 Linn Sondek for sale
Used for approx. 3 months in a restaurant back in '75 or '76. Then stored.Both fitted with Grace G707 arms - no cartridges.
Early nos. 12322 and 12323, no modifications .
Tonearm boards marked " export ".
Early decals " made in Britain " and triangular " selected for the Desing Centre London " intact
No lids one complete set of early hinges.
Belts are toast ! In short you would be up for a belt, thorough servicing and setup. ripe for mods or listening to as the maker intended.
Details of 12322 Plinth in Afromosia, 1 rubber foot missing, hinges on rear. Tonearm rest has plastic securing top repair. Grace has couple of marks near the arm rest. Motor runs fine.
Details of 12323Plinth in Afromosia, hinges on rear, small chip at front near switch, two small holes in wood plinth near switch. Motor runs fine.
Images are available. $600Au each plus careful packing and postage to anywhere. Please note, if you are located overseas, postage not cheap.Approx. $200Au UK and Europe, $170 for USA, $120 Asia/Pacific region.
Thnks for the bandwidth, hope to find someone out there who will love these old boys. Image is of 12323


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