Linn Sara dimensions + designs


I have 4 KEF B200 (SP1014) bass/mid drive units I got from a friend who took them out of some damaged Linn Sara speakers. The Sara's had enclosure damage and one of the Scan-Speak tweeters had also seen better days, but the B200's are all in what looks like mint condition.

I'd like to use them in a DIY speaker and was planning to build a Sara enclosure. Has anybody got plans/drawings/schematics for the dimensions of the Sara? Any help on crossover design would be useful too. Is the only difference between Sara's and Sara 9's crossover? I've heard the 9's are better - is that true?

If you can help with any of this then drop me a line or follow-up this posting. And if you've got any better suggestions for what I can do with 4 KEF B200 drivers I'd love to hear them!

Any help would really be appreciated,
Dear David,

there is a lot of information about old Linn speakers in the Net. Try to start here maybe

As far as I know the Kef B200 used in the Sara was modified by Linn (different dustcap, more weight, etc.). So the specs have changed.
The Sara is an infinite baffle isobarik type speaker, with really low sensitivity and low impedance (lower than the orginal isobarik itself) and a pretty nasty thing to drive. I used them only with Naim NAP250s.
It had as I remember two crossovers per loudspeakers (12db), in one the tweeter was substitued by a resistor.

Join the Linn and the Naim forums, there you will find a lot knowledgeable people. Linn speakers from that age still have many friends in your country.


ps: A Sara is a tricky design and you probably do not have the right amp for that. Without a proper drive they sound lifeless, even awful. Why not make new loudspeakers just with one B200 per channel in an infinite baffle loudspeaker like a 20l standmounter?

(I design the enclosure for you, you can then send me the other two as a reward...) :)
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