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derguteton said:
Hi ticktock,

kannst Du mir den Schaltplan auch mailen ?

Danke Michael ([email protected]

Zen Mod said:
Herr ticktock,

kannst Du mir den Schaltplan auch mailen ?


This time I can work out the message.
include an English translation everytime.

Do not rely on Richie or any other doing it for you.


2006-12-21 9:35 am

richieboy/Michael, you should send me your email address !!

Aleksandar und Michael (der gute Ton),
Ihr solltet alles bekommen haben, andernfalls müßt Ihr meckern :D

You've got mail from me, tell me if not :bawling:

If any has the parts list or does know where to get PLEASE tell me !!

Concerning power supply questions I start follow thread some weeks ago:
In this matter I need help.

Who knows the exactly name for the used indicator LED outline from the front-PCB?
In this case I started this thread:
This I have find out in the meantime:
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