Linn Kaber question

Hello All....
I am acquiring a pair of Linn Kaber speakers S/N 8599 and 8600.
They are the active model and have no crossovers.
I have four channels of Symasym amps and a minidsp2x4.
In order to make the Kabers operational, I am considering the following:
1. Find Linn passive crossover assemblies for either mid/tweeter or bass/mid
and biamp with the Minidsp. Some diy with this method
2. Build a 2800hz LR4 mid/tweeter crossover(which I believe is the configuration of the passive Kaber). More diy with this method.
3. Triamp and use 6 channels of amps and another minidsp2x4. Most diy and frustration with this method, but probably the most rewarding.

Does anyone have passive crossover component values, circuit diagram, transfer functions for these speakers to help me get started?

Looking to have some fun.