Linn Intek Schematic required

Hello Burbeck,

did you ever get your schematic ?

if so from where and if not did you resolve the problem ?

I have what sounds like the same problem on the Intek, suddenly both channels are lost from all inputs, problem seems to rectify itself if the equipment is left for days sometimes weeks. Obviously this is not a practical solution.
Hi Burbeck,
the Thermistor I have replace, but the Power transistors are to hot (in approx 20 min) , also q602 and q409 to. I have replaced all this critical ZTX... transistors and their capacitors also 22µ. Power Transistors are OK and their Drivers to.
Do you or any from here have any suggestions?
I too would appreciate a schematic. I've just won one of these with whta sounds like a temp cutout issue...also msuspect same as you guy's.
Many thanks.

PS just found this board, looks really good. Most of my kit is Radford: Valve, Tranny and speakers. I also have collection of Rafrod test kit.