LinearX LMS rig


2016-04-18 1:19 pm
Going through my basement, preparing to move, I came across an old friend - my LinearX LMS board. Anyone have any experience using these with one of the ISA / USB type adapter, or any other way to get it operational? My ISA bus machine is long gone.

I'd imagine the value of the thing is nearly zero, since it's unuseable withouta really old PC to run it on, so I'd like to figure out if it's even possible to get it fired up again.



2016-04-18 1:19 pm
I don't anything about that kind of test equipment. But I have seen ISA-to-PCI adapters for sale on the Web. Have you considered one of those?

IS the thing modern enough to be worth it? What kind of software does it run?

It's not modern, but it's quite powerful. The software suite is unique to the board. I'm going to research some adapters, and see if I can get it back up and running. Will report progress.
I am still using it. You'll need a vintage motherboard, something like an INTEL 440BX. These are the ones with ISA slots. CPU can be Pentium 2 or 3.

Another component that is often overlooked is the PSU. Modern PSU won't work. Look for the 20 pin ATX PSU where there's a -5V for the ISA slot.


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