Line array for PA use

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I just constructed a pair of "line array" speakers using a unique JVC 3X5 speaker. I have 8 units in each column, and plan on the typical application to use one cab stacked on top of the other. These are designed with a -3dB @ 54hz...and do sound like it. I was extremely pleased and surprised at how rich and fat these sound.

My question is, at what frequencies is the "line array" effect most prevalent? They sure sound like they have plenty of hi end for PA use(abuse), and the bottom is rock solid( VERY strong tone at the lo A on a digital piano).

One of the curious things....when using these while singing, they have a bit of "harshness" or "roughness" in the lowe mids...around 600hz or so. HOWEVER, when I just listen to someone else to the singing...the harshness has disappeared. Interesting effect. I've been pulling the 630hz slider down about 3dB on my 31 band eq...but it's still apparent when I sing into it.


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the other side of the chain

Just like speakers have their own personalities (something I think everyone on here would agree with), microphones are the same way (something I'm sure everyone who was a mic cabinet would agree with). I know it's at the other end of the chain, but I would approach this at the mic. If you have a microphone cabinet available to audition different mic's with, using a pair of good studio monitors for playback (hopefully DIY;)), you might be able to find a mic that suits your voice best with these speakers. Of course, you may have already tried this, so I hope I'm not coming across as talking down to you.

Edit: I forgot! I like what you've done. Nice speakers. Woof!
I have a simple drafting program....made a template using my printer; glued that to a piece of 1/2" plywood scrap...then routed the whole thing out VERY CAREFULLY using a half dozen passes with my router.

Now, I have a "pattern" to use...marked centering points( on 3/4" birch ply I purchased for $25 as it had a few surface dings)...laid out the centers/sides of the ovals, and reclamped the fixture for each hole. A sharp, new top bearing router bit is the ticket...a plunge router you can set for two different depths helps. Locate the fixture; route the hole, move the fixture. Not a big deal....and with as inexpensive as the speakers are...hell, you can pay for the router AND the bits from what you save on speakers.
Don't overestimate their SPL from the near field experience. In the near field you have a sensitivity gain of 10 Log(2 meters/center to center driver spacing) in one meter distance and a decay of just 3 dB per double distance. In the far field you have just a bunch of mini-fullrangers.
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