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Line array drivers for sale

I have 22 Dayton RS150 (6") drivers along with 20 Dayton PT2-B planars that are all brand new and unmounted that I need to sell. I only opened up two of the RS150 drivers to make sure they weren't defective. The PT2-Bs boxes aren't taped so I carefully examined them for defects as well.

I purchased these in order to build a pair of line arrays but with the unexpected pregnancy I need to put this project on the back burner. The plans I designed call for 9 RS150s and 8 PT2-Bs per side, leaving 4 of each for spares. I would like to sell the whole lot at once, but can split up the woofers and planars into two lots.

I purchased these for $1086 plus tax and shipping and will let them go for $900 plus shipping. I have an EBay account I could use to set up a Buy It Now if that would make you feel more comfortable and have no problem meeting someone within 100 miles for pickup.