Lii Audio Fast-8


2019-12-18 5:20 am
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and am considering my first build. Has anyone tried the Fast-8 driver from Lii Audio? If so, could you share your configuration and thoughts about the speaker? I am looking for a high efficiency speaker that give decent sound. Would this be suitable for an OB?

Many thanks.
I think they stole the acronym "FAST" in their naming and marketing efforts. I believe the FA part of "FAST" is Fullrange Assisted, which the assisted part isnt clear in their driver product.

It'll probably do what you want. I have their 15"s and I like them. Even those need the subwoofer "assisted" part to do really deep bass in an OB -

You'll learn that there's a few acronyms for this type of speaker, "WAW" is one. I've read that it's basically a two way, with the crossover point low, as per a 3 way woofer to midrange, somewhere between 100 and 1kHz, say 300 or 500 Hz.