light bulb base description and sizes


2005-07-02 8:17 pm
65N 25E
jantje333 said:
It is incredible. I am looking for a light bulb. Base diameter 5/8 inch.
I can only find the words medium or regular. But no size in connection with those words.
So what size is medium base or what is 5/8 inch diameter?
What size is regular base.
I live in the US
Please help

scroll down for
Standard fittings -section
Threaded or banjonet-fitting?
if threaded its probably E17 (17millimeters, Edison socket)

"standard" one here in europe is E27
(funny tough, edison was at least 100 years in advance when he was using SI-units in USA for lamp socket names) :D
A quick rough guess would be that you're looking for something like a mini-candella base. Or, MC base, this is assuming a screw-type base. If you want to learn some of the basics of different bases and envelope shapes and designations, look up a theatrical lighting catalog or reference. One of these should give you more information than you ever wanted to know!