Lexicon RV-8 Amplifier

I have a lexicon RV-8 Receiver. The SMPS is defective and I believe the Mainboard is defective. I have been doing some research on the repair. It is unlikely that I will pursue the repair but I read in a few places that it has a very good set of amplifiers. The torroid is fused at 15 amps so it would make some power.
There are two massive heat sinks. 1 with 3 amplifiers, the other with 4.
I was thinking that this might be ideal power for 2 active 3 ways and one full range summed mono for a recording studio setup.
The amplifiers are made for lexicon by crown and are apparently reference quality. I'd like opinions about this amplifier. I have parts list and PCB diagram of amp but no schematic.


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Do you have Schematics of the Amplifiers? They aren't incuded in service manual. There's Crown references but I contacted Crown and they know nothing about it.
How far did you get with testing yours? I managed to get mine trying. I used a +/-15 vdc and 5vdc SMPS. It tried to turn on then went lights out . Just fans running.
Yes, i replaced the smps for logic control as it fried many moons ago but not turning on. The common reported problem is that when the smps went belly up it destroyed the main core processor as well. The parts are unobtainable now so i thought about converting it to power amp but unsure how to proceed.

This amp is worth working on IMHO the Topology looks first class and it measures well.

MeasurementsAll measurements were taken on the left channel. The RV-8's stereo analog frequency response, from the CD input to the speaker output in Bypass, was –0.31dB at 10Hz, -0.10dB at 20Hz, -0.02dB at 20kHz, and -0.41dB at 50kHz. The response from the multichannel input to the speaker output measured –0.3dB at 10Hz, -0.10dB at 20Hz, -0.02dB at 20kHz, and -0.42dB at 50kHz.
The Dolby Digital frequency response (optical input to speaker output) was –0.14dB at 20Hz and –0.10dB at 20kHz, left channel (-0.15dB at 20Hz and –0.10dB at 20kHz, center channel). With the surround-left channel set to "small" and the crossover set to 80Hz, the highpass filter response was –3dB at 99Hz, –6dB at 78Hz, and –0.12dB at 20kHz. The LFE line output, normalized to the response at 40Hz, was –0.44dB at 20Hz, -3dB at 112Hz, and –6dB at 120Hz.
The S/N (A-weighted, 2.83V@8Ω) measured –101dB. Gain measured 28.5dB, CD in to speaker out, with an 8Ω load and the level control set to +2.
THD+noise in stereo at 2.83V into 8Ω measured 0.031% at 20Hz and 1kHz and 0.02% at 20kHz. At 2.83V into 4Ω, the corresponding results were 0.032% at 20Hz and 1kHz, and 0.021% at 20kHz.
Since the maximum number of input channels is five, we did not drive all 7 channels at once. Driving five channels into 8Ω, the RV-8 delivered 190Wpc at 20Hz and 195Wpc at 1kHz (to the nearest watt) before clipping (1% THD+noise). Into 4Ω, five channels operating, the RV-8 delivered 312Wpc at 20Hz and 322Wpc at 1kHz.
With only two channels operating, at 1kHz, the Lexicon clipped at 230Wpc into 8Ω and 385Wpc into 4Ω.