Level difference on ESL.

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I have been experimenting with ESL's for about 9 month with succes with regards to sound quality. But one thing still remains that I do hope one of you can help me with and that is that they are only stable when used in the basement :)

But this is not unfortunatly not the place where I have my primary setup for music. I have been using at first soap for coating then I thougth that spray-on Licron could be the solution to all my problems but I have been experiencing the same behaviour as with soap. When using a stereo set in the living room one of the speakers fades to -12 dB below the other (Always the same side). When the fading speaker is then put in the corner of shame in the basement it wakes up again. I do have a very sunny room living room with very low humidity (30 - 50 % @ 20 -27 degrees).

Is there any coating available that can withstand this enviroment or do I just need to live with it and use the balance button or go back to making Maggie's which have their own funny problems.

Best regards


P.S. I do have som graphite based coating lying around is this more stable??? (Nice to now before ripping tha speaker apart for the 20 time)
You should try my EC-coating.
This is a high resistive coating which is much less dependent of the humidity of air than ordinary hygroscopic compouds as soap.
Perfect stability and adhesion. Production meets NAN standards.
For more information, please send me an email (mj-dijkstra@zonnet.nl)

Best regards,

Martin-Jan Dijkstra
I bet it's humidity related, i own a pair of Martin Logan Monoliths and they sound very dynamic and powerfull on days that are under 60% humidity but when the humidity gets to over 70% they sound slow and dull and the image is never centered, the coating is the latest clear aluminium vapour deposited one that ML claims can even be washed to get clean.

What I've done now is bought a dehumidifier $230aus and all my problems have dissapeared, so get one of these and a $20 humidty meter and you'll be right.

Cheers George
The pannels are spotless not to mention new. I have an electrostatic 6kv meter that shows what happens at high humidity, it is a big problem with stats, this is why people in Singapore and Hong Kong have hugh problems in unairconditioned premises.
At 82% i've measured 1.2kv. At 60% 5kv, this same problem happens with my friends Quad 57's and another with Acoustat 6's I've measusred it and seen it for myself. Never show off you esl's in high humidity conditions.

Cheers George
Wait a second here...

They play better in the humid basement!?

--> What are your stators made from??

This is reminiscent of Strickland's experiments with PTFE ("teflon") wire stators - they played fine in Florida (higher average humidity) and when they moved to Arizona (low average humidity) not well at all.

Your simple solution may be a room humidifier...

Or change the stator insulation to a deliberately somewhat "leaky" material. Acoustat used PVC for this reason.

_-_-bear :Pawprint:
The stators are pereforated ironplate washed in acetone and then painted with standard spraypaint.

The spacers are foamex and on that doublesided adhesive tape.

The soap version is with acrylic spacer and again the same ironplate as above.

I do seams like a humidifier could solve my problem. 30% humidity is quite low even for humans (my wheather station always shows an unhappy face)

But i would like to try out the EC coating from Martin-Jan Dijkstra to see if that can solve the problem.

But I still do not understand why only the one of a set fades 12 dB even though they are in the same room 2,5 meters apart.

Best Regards

Place both side-by-side. Play. See if they both fade or both don't fade depending on position.

I suspect humidity going up is more better for them.

Not a problem with the coating on the diaphragm as much as I suspect the stator coating.

But, who knows, it could be the diaphragm.

Why not try some good ol' graphite too?

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