Lepai LP2020 dead on arival


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
My Lepai LP2020 arived today and it was dead out of the box! It was ticking so i opened it up and found that it had already been modified!

Seller miyashop claimed in his ad on ebay that it was 100% brand new which turned out to be pure and utter **!! So i'd stay away from him if i were you.

I have contaced seller about the issue and requested i get a new TA2020 or a whole new amp free of charge.
Thanks for the head's up. I got a a Muse M15 with an M20 faceplate and some sloppy solder work that cause the amp to loose a channel. Had to do some re-soldering to get it solid. The traces are a micron apart, so just the slightest mess up and you have a short. Feel sorry for the folks that buy these and can't fix them.