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lencomotion audio - Lenco upgrades & audio accessories

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Lencomotion audio provides upgrades for Lenco turntables, as well as, a range of cables and other audio accessories. We have many years experience repairing, and rebuilding, vintage idler drive turntables and tonearms.

At the request of our clients we have developed a range of audio cables with an emphasis on vinyl reproduction. In particular, we provide low capacitance interconnects ideally suited for tonearms and phono stages.

Our products have been developed, or chosen, to provide excellent value for money, providing an audiophile experience at affordable prices.
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The lencomotion audio MC1 step-up transformer is now available for purchase in our shop.

The SUT uses Lundahl LL9226 transformers which are mounted in a special damping compound. This compound isolates the transformers from external vibration, as well as, damping any internal vibrations from the transformer coils. Wiring is point-to-point using our four-nines solid silver wire, sleeved in Teflon tubing, and using high silver content solder for all joints.

The SUT can be built with a variety of cartridge loadings and gain options (14, 16 and 26dB), including a switched option allowing the selection of three different load settings.

The lencomotion audio MC1 SUT


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Lenco standard top plate bearings back in stock

After a long wait, the new batch of bushings finally arrived. We have assembled a new batch of bearings for the standard Lenco top plate, and stock levels have been updated.
We now have both versions of the lencomotion audio replacement bearing available again in our on-line shop.


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The Summer is here SUT sale!

We are very excited here at lencomotion audio about our new MC1 step-up-transformer, so to make it easier for folks to enjoy this wonderful piece of kit, we are offering both versions at a 10% discount for a limited time. All you need to do is enter the coupon code ´sut001052016´, at checkout, in the box provided.

The MC1 SUT is extremely quiet, and the Lundahl transformers are some of the most transparent we have heard. The lencomotion audio MC1 step-up-transformer provides an exceptional listening experience, matching units costing substantially more. We are confident that you will not find a better sounding SUT in this price range.


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