Lenco L76 75 Question

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THANK YOU for the help - You guys are Awesome !!! - - - the Lenco Heaven site was a great help - it looks like the motor can be rewired to 60hz , but the motor shaft is of a slightly different size - so that the number settings on top will no longer correspond to the right speed setting, but somewhere in between the right rpm setting, hmmmm . . . . maybe I can just put new speed settings on top, after determining the exact placement needed ........ Thanks again , dean
Yes - there are usually adjustable detents that you set for 16, 33, 45, 76 rpm. I believe this was to allow for changes in the idler wheel circumference. Its very easy to print one of the strobes from vinyl asylum etc and use a fluorescent light as a source.

The 220-110V thing is probably easy enough to adjust, its the nose cone is the problem. See the post in the other thread I posted where the fella has used a custom top plate....

Good info on the strobe . . . .Thank you. Iv'e read through the cool info on the PTP top plates, and also did some looking into the different bearings and diy- tonearms that people have used to upgrade thier diy projects with. I'm getting excited about the possibilities !!! Now to find a tt to buy - that will sell for a price I can afford. The Problem with those that are for sale from outside the U.S. is the 100 PLUS dollars that it seems to cost to ship it . . . . maybe I can find one at a garage sale - - - If anyone out there runs accross one Please let me know , Thanks - dean
er , a reason for a splinter from the original thread?

I did find a very inexpensive turntable to introduce yourself to idlers, a Dual 1019

I've got one. If stripped, it could be a great little table.

"Settling" for a Lenco is not a bad thing, but as you stated, lots of Lencos seem to go for your complete budget.
I agree both the LAB-80 and Lenco L75 look like great recomendations and I am going to keep looking for a bargain ! - hopefully I will find one at the right price - or maybe someone will know of one for sale from somewhere else besides ebay. I have really enjoyed researching both of them. - what do you think of the Garrard 70 - is the motor and bearing as good in it as the lab-80 ? or is it a step down in quality? - and how would you compare the Dual1019 to the model 70 ? Thanks
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.