Lenco 75????

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Hi, has anyone some input on a Lenco 75 turntable. Got one that was piling dust. I want to use it for 78rpm playing/archiving, but cannot find any usefull info on it. Most important, how to set up tracking weight and what is the corkscrew for? (I guess the corkscrew is for anti-skating, but how do you use it).

Also, would it be worth finding someone to give it a complete check? (Or can someone here tell me how to do that yourself)
OK thanks, got that. So I'll need a test record to get skating straight.

Correct me if I'm wrong: I set the small weight in the middle, balance the arm and then with the small weight set the tracking force. Would 1 division (the rings in the arm bearing the weight) equal 1g?
I found someone who had experience with that turntable in a shop. So here are his guidelines for first setup in case I can help someone with it:

1: remove the very small weight with the nylon thread
2: put the small weight (side of the catridge) completely back lined up with the mark closest to the arm pillar.
3: trim the arm to horizontal with the large weight at the back
4: the small weight sets the tracking force, large marks give 1g, the small marks 0.5g (just like you said Jocko)
5: put the very small weight back at the graduated beam next to the corkscrew. The nylon thread should be at the same mark the weight for the tracking force is and put the thread over the corkscrew.
6: the holder of the corkscrew can be turned around the base of the arm. Turn it to be parallel to the beam holding the thread when the arm is in its rest.
and also

look for the setting for 78 rpm.

If my memory serves me well, the weight had to be slightly moved to the rear for 78 rpm records

dang a long time ago, I bought mine in 1974 I think in Antwerpen, Radio Star looooong time I remember I was gooing to school and in the summer time I had a job, costed me one month of fulltime work to pay for it Bfr 4750 plus btw, it was my first serious buy I had ever done (about $115) well it was 1974 anyway...
indistructable stuff Lenco .......

Ouroboros said:
indestructable stuff Lenco .......

(Apart from the soft plastic material that the arm knife edge bearings sit in. They do disintegrate, and I don't know how to repair them).

My bearings was also more or less destroyed, but I made new ones ,not easy. But it can be done

First I milled a bit of plastic so I had on dimension (wide?) to the right mesuare. then milled a "precut" for the groove. then I took a piece of metal wich was filed to the final shape of the groove, heated it up and melted the groove into final shape. then sawed and filed the the remaining sides. Maybe it could be done without a mill but it will be harder.


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Antiskate settings for Lenco L-75

You can find a chart of antiskate settings in the original manufacturer's owner's manual for this turntable. It's available on the web -- I just can't recall where.

The manual that you want is Lenco's own manual -- it was printed in at least five different languages. The manual that does not provide this information is the one from the British importer, Goldring -- that model number is GL-75; it's the same machine. Since Goldring is primarily a cartridge manufacturer, the information in their version only relates to their own cartriedges.

Antiskate force is provided by two weights originally supplied with the machine. One is one gram, the other four grams. People lose them. You can make your own, as I did, with fishing fly line and appropriate lead fishing weights, trimmed to exact weight. It's tricky, but doable.
Hi there,
Replace the arm - you'll thank yourself for doing it. Any of the Linn arms are an exact match. The Rega RB250 can be substituted but the height is not adjustable and sits a little high. The Decca International unipivot is a good match and can be got a NOS.

Go to the trouble of building a decent heavy plinth as this will bring out the bottom end, increase the dynamics and kill any rumble.

Do both these things (as I did) and it will compare very favourably to decks costing hugely more.

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