Lemme shock you :)

Well it's about time for conquering new frontiers :

This is what you typically get from your beloved speakers in your listening room at your favourite listening position , 6 speakers , I suggest to start with speaker #4 :

Here the track in the usual YT reincarnation (a bit compressed/coloured) for quick comparison of what you can expect here ..

The key is to use a microphone instead of your ears , to show you what the room acoustics
does to your final sound!

Sorry for torturing you but truth must be revealed!

happy ears :)

ps .. you can do your own comparison and upload the recorded result to a YT channel somewhere and show us your speakers/room do a (much?) better job!
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The vocals are not listenable. They seem to come out of a funnel and/or a cardboard box, some speakers are more affected. 5 is worst.
Number 6 is totally off, way too much bass.
The shop's room acoustics could be the cause but what I hear would not make me buy any of them.

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Could be any speaker , of course your own too!

Or one of these expensive reference speakers , I'd love to kill them :)

Btw - Danny Richie (GR Research) does measurements of many well-known speakers on his channel , why not doing such comparisons that reveal even more than words or graphs , which present only one aspect ....
What new frontiers are we talking about here? The fact that in-room response in any but carefully considered spaces (with the arguable exception of nearfield arrays, or other nearfield setups) is heavily affected by the room acoustics? True, but not in line for 'shocking revelation of the month'. ;)

It IS shocking! And not yet presented here to gain common knowledge!

Sorry that you as an expert got not thrilled but others might be!

Let's go down in the valley and thrill them all :)

Trying to find the very best speaker locations with a microphone is like trying to solve x simultaneous equations in x + n unknowns. The best you can do is find local maximums. You need a more accurate methodology.

The only way to find the absolute best speaker locations in a given room with given speakers is using the out-of-phase track on the XLO Test CD or similar test CD. The most diffuse the sound is when it’s out-of-phase the more focused and holographic the sound will be when it’s in phase (Polarity). Of course, as you add room treatment the ideal locations will change. 😲
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You spoked the magic words : XLO Test CD

Track 04 shows what can be achieved with 2-channel stereo with a good pair of speakers in the listening room in a more nearfield-like position!

I dare to say it is the most revealing test track of all times!


WHY ??? (screaming .. over 100dB easily)

ARE YOU ALL MAD ... or is it just me :)

ps .. please confess you are all guilty of being ignorant!
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