Lego assists subwoofer reconing

I bought a Velodyne subwoofer in 1989 -- when we moved/downsized I saw that the foam surround was almost totally destroyed.

I ordered a new surround from Springfield Speaker, but in the intervening years the adhesive they supplied, a type of contact adhesive, solvent had evaporated.

I'd used "Gorilla Glue Clear" -- a non-foamy adhesive (unlike Gorilla Glue).
Clear tackifies fairly quickly cures in about two hours and ready for use in twenty-four.

Attaching the surround to the cone wasn't difficult at all. Attaching the surround to the speaker frame was a bit tricky, so I deployed clothes pins and Lego to hold the surround in place while the adhesive cured. The picture is just before finding 3 more LEGO "bricks". No rubbing or chuffing at all!


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