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Legacy Point One Subwoofer for sale

Rare offer.....My Legacy Point One subwoofer is now for sale for only $1,200. I beleive this unit is about 3 years old, and sold for $2,400.00 They are probably much higher now, and worth it!

This subwoofer is the medium Oak finish and boasts a 15" spun aluminum rear firing driver with a 15" down firing passive radiator powered by an internal 750 watt amp.

Legacy is one of the premier audio equipment manufacturers whose products is found only in a select few dealers' showrooms. They are very high quality products. The cabinetry is as impressive as their performance. They are as musical as their home theater performance. Front controls with blue LED.

For more information about the Legacy Point One, visit:


If you have never heard of Legacy Audio, just ask a high-end audio dealer about them.

Mike Cason
[email protected]