LEDS - Another Use!


2002-08-04 3:37 am
Well I was trolling the forums when I ran into a post describing LEDS that www.luxeon.com sells. Then I checked out there product line and found small light "emitters" which flux of up to 120 lumens (5-watts). They are small lights that are said to fit into small places. I wanted to use couple of these and stick them inside my GameBoy Advance and use them as a backlight. I am not too sure on which one of there lights to purchase :/ can someone give me a little help?

GameBoy Advance would look kinda, as you can see this person installed some lights under the LCD screen:
<img src="http://www.brainclone.com/ebay/gba_light.jpg" border="0" width="588" height="358">
Yes, the 1 watt versions would be far more applicable, but for a small backlight like what you have, a couple of Agilent, etc. 5mm whites would be cheaper and just as bright. You will probably want to look into a light pipe [Lumitex, etc.] to give an even light spread.

White LEDS would be easiest.

With a 1w or 5w LED, comes a lot of heat that needs to be disappated. The Lumiled is typically on an aluminum substrate to dissipate the heat.

Great parts, but not necessarily for what you are doing. If you want to buy some, www.FutureElectronics.com are the exclusive distributors. You are looking in the $5-10 range for a 1 watt unless you want to buy a whole lot of them. It may seem expensive, but they are 10 times as luminous as standard LEDS and the whites maintain their output far longer.