LEDS - Another use


2002-08-04 3:37 am
Well I was trolling the forums when I ran into a post describing LEDS that www.luxeon.com sells. Then I checked out there product line and found small light "emitters" which flux of up to 120 lumens (5-watts). They are small lights that are said to fit into small places. I wanted to use couple of these and stick them inside my GameBoy Advance and use them as a backlight. I am not too sure on which one of there lights to purchase :/ can someone give me a little help?

GameBoy Advance would look kinda, as you can see this person installed some lights under the LCD screen:
<img src="http://www.brainclone.com/ebay/gba_light.jpg" border="0" width="588" height="358">