LED resisitor

Newbie here , still getting my head around the basics - quick question about LED's. Although I've read up on the subject I'm looking to put 3 LED in parallel (it's not vehicle related) from a 12v source. However I don't know the forward voltage etc. There are 3 of these -

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So given they are 12v would it be safe to assume they each have an inbuilt resistor and if so do they really need one given they are 12v? I know that's a basic question but it's confused me. Thanks.
taking a look…

can't tell, but, if they are already 12-V rated, then they have the appropriate current-limiter (be that a resistor or something 'higher grade')

So, yah.
Go ahead … 3 in parallel.
Current draw ought to be delightfully low, being LEDs.

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