Leaking capacitor

Hey guys a friend of mine brought me this terribly beat up Rockford Fosgate punch 800a2. He wanted me to fix it for him so as I was going to see if it was going to power on or not it did for a little then one of the big 80v capacitors started ozing this bubbly stuff on the bottom I disconnected it quick then I tried to see if it would power on again all it does is put my power supply into protect as soon as remote is applied. Are these capacitors still made? I know my punch 800.2 uses nichicons while this one uses a different manu. What should I check next?


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Perry Babin

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2003-11-20 11:01 am
That looks more like foamy flux residue than electrolyte. Large caps generally have vents on top and that's where they leak if overheated. This top looks flat.

85C caps survive perfectly fine in amps. These survived for about 20 years.

These amps draw a lot of current powering up. Are you sure that your power supply has enough current to handle the surge?