Leak 3007 cassette tape player - manual

Would anyone know where I can source a service manual for a Leak model 3007 cassette tape player.

I dragged this out of storage so I can go through and digitise my collection of old tapes, but it has frequency response and level problems on one channel. I cannot find a service manual online and suspect it will be difficult because the unit was purchased in the 1970s.

I would be really grateful if anyone can point me in right direction.

Many thanks,
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I can't help with a manual I'm afraid but would suggest that if the deck uses the traditional 'record/play' switches that so many used back in the day then they may be worth a look and a clean. Also make sure that it is mechanically sound with correct tape/head contact and correct back tension.

If it has the switches they will look something like this:

Thanks for the advice.
It does have the switches that you mention. In the past these gave trouble so I treated them with a well known switch cleaner lubricant. This was a disaster as it started dissolving the plastic inside the switch, so I'm a bit wary of going down that road again.
The problem is that the output level was so high that the vu meter on one channel was slammed against the high stop however I managed to fix this by adjusting a pre-set pot, but now I have reduced treble response on the other channel. Maybe there is a faulty capacitor in the Eq circuit; the tape player is over 40 years old so all the components are ageing and need checking.
A schematic of the circuit would be great help.
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Hmmm, Servisol by any chance. Quite a few switch cleaners back in the 80's and 90's could soften plastics such as cabinets. I remember all the problems that caused at the time.

VU meters banging up against the stops is a common symptom of those switches. Have you tried moving those switches by hand while playing but if you try this then use an old tape because it WILL cause the tape to be erased as you move from play to record.

Although your fault could at this stage 'be anything' I would not immediately suspect something like a failed cap. Switches and preset pots (intermittent poor connection of the wiper and/or end rivets where the carbon track is connected to the pins) would be my first suspects.

If you alter play back levels (preset gain setting) then the Dolby tracking will be incorrect and that will alter tonal balance.