Leach SuperAmp PCBs 4 sale

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I am having a set of Leach SuperAmp boards professionally made. If I see any interest, I will have them made in bulk. I would be willing to sell them for $25/each plus shipping. Email me if you are interested, and I will have them made soon.

Leach superamp: 600W/channel into 4 ohms.

=The DJ=

EMAIL me :)
Answering some questions

There have been a couple of questions I'd like to answer here:

1) About matching transistors for the output: In my experience with Leach Amps (3 so far completed), I've never had trouble with matching the transistors. I buy my Motorola MJ15003/4 transistors from Allied Electronics (http://www.alliedelec.com). Each time, I have purchased exactly the number needed and they never fail to work wonderfully.

2) Links for more information about the amplifier. Check these pages for (hopefully) enough information to get you started:


I completed my Super Amp (2 channels) couple months ago and in the process of build another one with 5 channels. I do have several extra MBs that professional made (perfect condition) that I willing to offer for US$20/each + shipping charge. These MBs are pre-drilled and have Screen print on both sides of the board. Follow the below link for pictures. Please email me directly if you interest in these MB.


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Delay, but still coming

Due to some delays in export the proper file formats for the board manufacturer to use, my boards have not been finished yet. We are working to make sure that no errors will occur due to my ignorance, as this is the first set of boards I've had made.

The boards will be ready within 3 weeks of when the final go is sent. I have the money, and I have all the CAD drawings ready, the only problem is exportation. I expect to finalize the project in the next week.


EDIT: I will have 20 boards left over for sale. Of those, 16 are not currently reserved.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.