Leach superamp pcb file?

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Hi everyone, this is my first posting to the group. Does anyone have a pcb layup for the Leach Superamp in Protel .pcb format? This would save me time in doing it myself.
For those that would like the 4.5 in .pcb, let me know and I'll email you a copy.
I use Protel as part of my job and wondered what software you are all using?

Yeah Jason, your right about Protel. It's a bit of a Lemon to get used to. The way it handles the schematic and footprint library is a bit of a nightmare. All cause the pcb package came first and then the schematic last. Makes for interesting messes of conflicting commands between the two. But hey! it's the industrial standard down under and all the pcb production houses are using it. So one must comply. If you would like some help with it; let me know.....but where's my superamp .pcb?
Best advice is to make your own libraries so that the schematic components match the pcb footprint libraries. If the names are the same in both enviroments and something you'll remember, then the netlists will work without the hassle of "footprint not found" etc.
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I am also interested in the protel pcb layout for the superamp. I talked to Dr. Leach, and the current version of the pcb was done in a very old dos program, and I couldn't figure out a way to export the files into anything useful.

I was planning on making one for my next projects, but at the rate that I am going now, that won't be too soon.

Can you e-mail me a copy of the single sided layout for the 4.5 leach amp please. gte619j@mail.gatech.edu


I designed the main board.
I will not make the boards for the Leach amp,
but I have the PCB layout for it.

Here it is if it can to help someone.

It is main board.
It is finished, but there is no partlist.

Don't e-mail me as I also don't have it.

Try to use schematic to locate each part.
It is no hard to do this, but is little time consuming.
Also, take attention about e,b,c on the TO-220 / TO-126 cases.

For those that can't read the Protel, here are the pics:
Note that the ALL pics are taken from the TOP WIEW of the PCB !

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric

Top + Bottom layer :


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I have a copy of a two channel Leach SuperAmp board in ExpressPCB format if anyone is interested. Double Sided with plated through-holes, silkscreen, and soldermask (green LPI layer). There are also some other features on the board. I have a populated board for sale if interested....

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