lcd won't turn on

I was dumpster diving found this lcd with no backlight and took it apart hooked it up tested it out with my friends overhead projector works great. It is a grey (real helpfull I am sure) 15 inch princeton (sharp chips).

Anyway so next day I am dumpster diving find a a nice(r) 3m overhead projector I am thinking how well this nice bright overhead will go with my new (kinda) lcd... I unplug everything and put it on the new overhead.. nothing, nothing at all. I am getting power to it (power led turns on but goes into sleep mode) the lcd says nothing on it (usually say no signal or show something); at first I thought the ribbon cables were plugged in far enough but they are.

Anyone able to help me? I searched the forum and the closest thing I could find was not grounding the board properly but I don't think that that is it... please help this n00b.