Lcd too big for OHP

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Hey guys, i just got my first lcd projector up and running using a dukane 4000 overhead projector and a samsung syncmaster 152v.

Everything works fine except that my screen is to large for the overhead projector surface...

is there anyway i can fix this? one friend suggested that i use the monitors buttons to squeeze the size to fit, however the syncmater doesnt seem to have any option to change geometry, only to move the image left and right.

anyone have an experience with this model lcd? any solutions?
this is normal

I'm getting a 152v soon, but I do have experience with a 152n (i assume it's the same screen). The screen being too big for an OHP is normal. don't get new lenses, I think that reply was assuming you were builing a whole projector box, nbot using the ohp design.

Many people use software that will allow you to resize the image to fit the OHP. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, try their NvKeystone software, you can manipulate the image quite a bit with this. I hear ati has something similar in their drivers. look around the forums, there should be something out there.
hey there, i have an ati card and with it the catalyst drivers. It actually does have a progam of sorts that lets you move your screen and shrink it. However it seems very limited and only allow very limited shrinkage, and it doesnt seem to affect my lcd screen at all. Does anyone know of aother program that does this? would Nvidias work with an ATI card? thanks for the help so far!
does anyone else know of a third party system for shrinking the screen? also insanity, the drivers i received with my syncmaster did not work, since you said your plannning on taking one apart soon, do you perhaps have the drivers? could i maybe get them from you? do you thinmk they would make a difference in changing my image size?
I'm still waiting for the 152v (ebay), but when I had the 152n (before I was dumb and fried it) I didn't use any drivers, just plugged it in as a second monitor and Windows XP took care of the rest. The only thing I had to watch for was that I didn't put the resolution more than 1024x768. My actual monitor, (NEC 1760v 17"), supports higher, but then the 15" won't respond.
I just bought a 152n and am wondering what you did to 'fry' it

the 152n needs the FFC extension, otherwise the pcb boards cover part of the picture. Before putting the extension on, I tested it without it, just to make sure the LCD worked in the first place. I hooked it all together and it worked just fine :D.

Great, so here's the problem. I turned off the overhead projector and went to pull the existing ffc cable out. Problem: I only turned off the overhead, NOT the LCD. it was still on :whazzat:

I couldn't tell it was still on because without the light from the projector, you couldn't see any picture.

I got a 152v to replace it, and much to my surprise, that one doesn't need the extension. it's amazing and I now have the coolest home theater at my school. I'll post pics soon.
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