LCD Projectors and actual scematics

Hello everyone,
I am currently enlisted in the marine corps. Point being a) I dont make dik for money and b) I have to share a room with two other marines. So my money and space are both very valuble.
Anyway, I just recently have run accross this do it yourself LCD Projector sight and well, it cought my eye. I love working on electronics. However, after sifting through this forum and many websites Im still not quite sure where to start to build this thing. I want to build a decent semi-professional projector that has as many as possible video inputs and a decent interface. What is the best LCD on the market? What are the limits on size of the LCD. my price range is about $500. I have already looked through many sites and read many postings here. I get the basic jist of how it works like an over head for the most part. what I would like to know is what is SO different from the DIY and the major brands. What type of electronics could be emplimented into these projectors. If any of you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. thank you.:confused:

I remember this and am sorry to not respond earlier.
In a nutshell if you want the SVGA small size route than I recommend you get your hands on the Sony or Cannon VR glasses, off Ebay if your lucky. They can do all the computer stuff and tv stuff too! And, you've got an extra backup lcd panel in case (There are 2. One for each eye, only one driver though).

Take this lense and mount in a slide projector or your own concoction and voila' small panel projector for 5-800$. That's the fact jack! You won't find it any smaller and multi-input useable than this. Of course, you can buy mini-projector retail model for 1.5-2k used.
That's it, I'm serious. You could forseeably do it for the amount I stated. Just gotta find those Sony and Cannon 700's and slide projector!

I'm in the "DIY Small Panel" thread.

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