LCD panel alignment problem


I hade some bad luck with my Toshiba LCD projector.Removed all the three panels in purpose to clean them.I had plenty of fidling to do before the panels were all aligned nicely again.Too late to cry now,actually I'm very happy that I was able to put the panels back.

Now I noticed the picture from the blue LCD panel is smaller than the picture from the red and green ,it may have always been like this....early models had this problem.
The panels are fitted to a square glass (prism ?).I suppose the size of the picture can be regulated by changeing the distance between the LCD panel and this "prism",right? So,I would like to know to which direction,closer or further away.There is a posibility for adjustment but it is glued and I wouldn't like to brake the glue before i'm sure this time what to due.

Thanks for help:)

EDIT: the picture was too big to attach here:xeye: