lcd laptop

I have searched the forum, and haven't found out if this is possible.

I have an old laptop (fujitsu) and i would like to remove the monitor and add jacks so that i can connect it to my workstation pc. do i need to take out the video card to do this, or could i just connect to the leads. if so where would i find out what i need to solder to.

thanks for the help
I'm quite sure this has been asked in the forum many many times, it is also stated in the FAQ. The laptop almost certainly doesn't have a removable video card, if it does it will be proptierty(sp). The LCD itself can not function with a controller in your PC, your standard VGA controller cannot drive it. You can get a LCD controller that can control most panels for about $250 through, among other places. There is no other way of hooking up the LCD.